Roles of THR

Concept development

Þróun og hugmyndasköpunOpportunities of land use.
Marketing research and adaption.
Maximizing land use and profitability
Recreation of existing buildings.

Project management

verkefnastjornunDirecting the design and construction process.
Rationalization and valuation of bids after call of bids. Managing cost and time schedules. Ensuring cooperation of all partners during design and construction.


fjarmoegnunExtensive knowledge of the financing process and its risks as well as good connections with financers and experience at marketing for them.

Structuring and managing properties

uppsetning_rekstrarfelagaStructuring and establishing operations and management of real estate, legal documents, bylaws, etc. Income and cost budgets.

Selling and leasing of real estate

sala_og_leiga_husnaedisSelling and leasing of real estate.

Development and consulting